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reliable & unique, earns respect, brings luck

Chinese Name HK
A good Chinese name
brings good luck
 SUCCESS , prosperity

Based on your birthday time and place, the theory of 5-elements in Chinese culture, the count of Traditional Chinese character strokes and your expectation of life, I will create the appropriate Chinese name for you.

Services Introduction

There’s a Chinese saying: “Don’t be afraid of the bad numerology given by birth, but to fear of having a bad name.” (不怕生壞命, 最怕改壞名) A good name can bring you good luck according to Chinese wisdom. More importantly, a good Chinese name is always associated with dignity and respect.

Interesting & Decent
Interesting & Decent
Reliable & Credible
Reliable & Credible
Ancient Wisdom
Ancient Wisdom

3 steps to get a Chinese name

Just follow these 3 steps, you may get a wonderful name in Traditional Chinese characters with a full explanation.

Step 1: Fill in the form. You will get your Chinese Name in two weeks after the full settlement of payment.

Step 2: Settle payment of service charge US$38.80 by credit card or PayPal.*

Step 3: Upon receipt of payment, I will send you a few options of tailor-made Chinese names via email with explanations of said names. Since it requires verification, research, calculation, and literature, the process may take up two weeks.

* Your payment is covered by the Buyer Protection Program of PayPal.

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